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Teaching profession plays an important role in educating generations to improve knowledge and working skills. Therefore, every society like the United States glorifies teachers. As a result, national teacher’s day in USA is held every year since 1985.

A teacher at Arkensas, USA, named Mattye Whyte Woodridge who is in education, understood the meaning of teaching profession and came up with the idea of a teacher appreciation day. In 1944, he discussed with education and political leaders about the desire to establish teachers’ days across the United States.

Until March 7, 1980 the first American teacher day was celebrated for the first time. In other words, it took nearly 40 years for the American teachers’ day to be officially recognized. After being elected to change the date,
Tuesday during the first full week of May every year is chosen as the teacher’s day of the United States. In addition, that week is also Teacher Appreciation Week.

One of the most unique ways to organize teacher’s day is to give gifts. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry and greeting cards are all meaningful gift ideas for teachers to thank their hard work. To make your gifts more meaningful, you as students or parents should create your own gifts.

For example, give your teacher a gift card to the restaurant where all of you went together. Or make jewelry by yourself to recall your learning time. Any teacher will be surprised with the handmade gifts on Teacher’s Day. However, with a limited time frame, you can absolutely buy great gifts for your teachers at My Heart Store via the link

One of the most touching gifts students can present their teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day is a class “Thank You” book. Websites can create great books, but handmade books will put a smile on your teacher’s face as well. This gift is the perfect place to have each student thank their teacher for teaching them something throughout the year.

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