How to save money for Christmas shopping?

Christmas is the most important holiday of the year, so every family wants to celebrate the most spectacular and complete Christmas. However, many people extremely worry about the habit of overspending, which causes a significant budget loss after the Christmas holiday. So what are the most important tips for spending within your tight budget?
1. Review decoration items of last Christmas that can be reused: Christmas tree decorations such as flashing lights, bells, stars … are able to be reused for many Christmas seasons without reducing the beauty of the pine. You will save time and money on these items.
2. Make a list of things to buy, and give priority to the items: Set the highest priority for practical gifts for family members and Christmas family meals. Firstly, those gifts show great love and connection among family members, so try to buy adequate gifts. Secondly, family meals are great moments for all members to gather and enjoy good traditional food.
3. Estimate your Christmas spending: Be honest about how much you can spend on Christmas reasonably. Do not forget to set aside a reserve for the incident. Having so, you will be completely assured and financially comfortable during this holiday season. For example, you plan to spend 500$ for Christmas, set a reserve of 100$ for unexpected items.
4. Finding convenient and economical shopping places: Shop online for meaningful and unique gifts. Select reputable stores which introduce honestly and objectively their products. My heart store is a unique and meaningful gift shop. You have a lot of lovely gift options priced from $ 10-20.

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5. Make your purchase as soon as possible, make sure not to exceed the list and budget estimation too much: If you want to buy gifts from abroad, make sure to order at least one month in advance. Christmas is the peak time of the customs, so the goods are easy to get stuck. So a month is a safe time for you to receive your favorite family gifts at Christmas on time.

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