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Celebrating Father’s Day worldwide is a meaningful activity to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. This day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting. Although there are variety of dates for Father’s Day worldwide, many countries like the USA observe this day on the third Sunday in June.

People first established Father’s Day in the USA in 1907 to commemorate the death of a group of men in a mining accident in Monongah, West Virginia. Until now, Father’s Day is not a national holiday, and is a relatively modern tradition. Fathers, including father, stepfather, adoptive father in law, grandfather and great grandfather … On this occasion, each family has different celebrating activities. Fathers can receive phone calls, flowers, gifts, greeting cards or large parties from family members. In addition, schools also organize events to support pupils creating handmade gifts for their fathers a few weeks before Father’s Day.

With busy daily life, making your own hand-made presents will be an impossible mission if you have limited time budget. Therefore, you can search for a meaningful gift shop like My heart store for your father on Father’s Day. A perfect gift for him should achieve two basic criteria. First, the gift should be practical, realistic and attached to his hobby. For example, if he likes sports, outdoor activities, you can choose gifts as T-shirts and socks. If he likes architecture, a wall painting can be the perfect gift. Secondly, the gift should mention the merits of the father. A key ring with the words “My dad, my hero” can be a fantastic choice. Your father will be extremely touched and easily feel your love and appreciation for him.

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