Fun facts about Christmas

Christmas is the most important holiday of the year for many families in the United States. We think we have a good understanding of this special traditional event. However, let’s explore the following fun facts about Christmas day.

1. Origin of the word Xmas: We think that it is not right to call Christmas with the word Xmas. The cause is because Christ is omitted. However, if you learn the Greek language, you will recognize X as the first letter of the word Christ or Chritos. Therefore, feel free to use the word Xmas if you want to replace Christmas if you want.

2. The first artificial Christmas tree is not a real tree: The German created the world’s first artificial Christmas tree. Surprisingly, they did not use a real tree because of the serious deforestation in Germany in the 19th century. They used green dyed goose feathers to create the first artificial Christmas tree. Since then, artificial Christmas tree made of feather has become popular in many countries, including the US during the 20th century.

New Christmas Tree Ornaments Hanging Xmas Tree

3. The song “Jingle Bell” was written for Thanksgiving, not for Christmas: The Jingle Bell song is familiar to every home and extremely suitable for the Christmas atmosphere. However, this special song was written for Thanksgiving held at school to commemorate the famous Medford sleigh races

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