First day of school in USA


In the USA, there is not a single day to start the new school year for all schools. Each state and each school may have different start dates for the new school year. However, schools usually start the school year right after Labor Day. Besides, more schools choose to start the new school year at the end of July or August. For example, in San Diego Unified School District, San Diego, California, the first day of school for the 2017-18 school year was set to August 28.


1. New Friends / Teachers: New school year offers different subjects, so you will have an opportunity to meet new friends and teachers. Therefore, you will expand your network to cultivate more life skills and experiences. The improvement of relationships is indispensable for you to develop yourself because life is constantly moving. However, you will inevitably feel confused when you have to face strangers, or new things. As a result, remember to be strong to absorb positive energy sources, and ignore the negative impacts on yourself. By practicing this tip, you can develop in a more positive way.

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2. New energy source: You had a wonderful summer vacation with your family and friends after a year of studying. Surely you can enjoy relaxing moments by the beach, wonderful picnic trips with family and friends. Therefore, you can balance your work, study and private life. Besides, this is a rare opportunity for you to temporarily stay away from the busy noises of daily life and find new sources of energy to refresh yourself. As a result, you will be stronger and more creative to receive the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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3. New extracurricular events / programs: A new school year will bring exciting and unique milestones at your schools. These are extracurricular activities, new clubs, new events in music, drama and sports, for instance. Be actively involved in these associations and groups to have good memories for a school year. Since then, when looking back, you will be proud of the knowledge and experience that you have accumulated.

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