Famous Traditions of Halloween in USA

1. Trick-or-Treating This is an extremely unique and cute tradition at Halloween. On Halloween night, children will disguise and ring doorbells to ask for candy. When host opens the door, the children will say “Trick or Treat”. Meanwhile, the host will give candy or gifts to the children to eat, play or do charity. The children’s costumes are usually outfits of witch or ghost.


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2. Greeting cards and festive decorations Halloween greeting cards and home decoration, creepy office are found almost everywhere on this holiday. All families or organizations are very interested in investing in Halloween decoration because this activity brings fun festive activities for everyone. Common decoration items are pumpkins, effigies and witches outfits, electric lights, for instance.

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3. Charity One of the most meaningful activities at this festival is to raise money for the United Nation Children Fund (UNICEF). This activity originated in 1950 by schools is maintained to help needy children. When doing trick-or-treat, families can give money instead of or with candy. The collected money will be sent to UNICEF for charitable purposes.

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