Best ideas for National Nurses Week celebrations 2019 03 07 15 22 34 701436

1. Host a luncheon with healthy foods, such as fruits and veggies during National Nurses Week. There, give nurses Lunch Bags full of tokens of appreciation. The work of nurses is very hard because they have to work in shifts. Besides, they have to bear great pressure to ensure patients’ health. Therefore, nutritious food is the most practical thing so that nurses have more energy to work well.

2. Make gift-giving more special by handing out items to each nurse personally. Meaningful and appropriate gifts for nurses will be interesting surprises for them. My heart store is an online gift shop and there are many special gifts. The design of the gift has its own characteristics for the nursing profession that will make your loved one touched. Be sure to express your gratitude with a hug or handshake and a sincere “thank you,” too.

3. Make free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks available to your nurses throughout the week. Be sure to include healthy choices with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Food is always practical and important to nurses. After hours of stressful work and fatigue, free food items will energize and help them become happier.

4. Schedule an in-service program during the week and make the topic stress management. Cover healthy ways to deal with stress, such as talking to friends or going for a walk. Any nurse will experience stress at work. They need to share and have advice to manage stress. Helpful tips will make the spirit of nurses more excited.

5. Use this National Nurses Week to kick off your “Nurse of the Month” Recognition Program. Choose a special nurse who serves as a role model to honor during this first month. The reward for the best nurse shows our interest in their work and contribution to society.

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